A few years ago I started with this concept/idea at Luther Lee Emerson elementary school in Demarest, NJ.


The program is now called: Kids4Caring.


Mrs. Spence, our guidance counselor, joined me a few months later and now our school psychologist, Ms. Anna Kuzdraj is part of our K4C team too with Mrs. Jesner joining us in the fall 2015.


What started as a little group of 10 kids and an idea of creating awareness in our young community, has developed, three years later, into a program that has had over 30 Non Profits and Organizations presenting to a class that continues to grow!


It all started when I was approached by the enrichment committee in our school asking me if I would be interested in running an art&crafts class where the projects could later be sent to Hospitals and Organizations.


I was thankful to be approached but I didn't feel entirely comfortable as my background is in law, even though I have my artistic side too.


We have two  young daughters and for us, as parents, it's very important, among other principles, that they learn to respect themselves and others, value and appreciate what they have and be conscious about the rest of the world.  

Even though they are young and busy with different activities and classes, we can still find the time to make a difference for better and not forget those less fortunate than us or our precious earth.


This seemed like a great opportunity to connect the kids (including our two girls) and my passion about philanthropy, and Kids4Caring was born!


The concept of our program is to bring different Non-Profits and Organizations for an hour after school, in order to get our children in 2nd-4th grades exposed in an age appropriate way about different ways to "care" and "get involved" in a positive and meaningful manner.


Organizations come, explain what they are all about, and in most cases interact with the children making a "project" related to the cause that the non-profit supports.


If you are a student at LLE in Demarest, NJ, you are welcome to join us!


New Non Profits will be coming every week! 


I am extremelly grateful to the Demarest School district and it's faculty for allowing and collaborating with me to run this program.


If you would like bring this program to your local school or have any other questions, Please contact us at:






Mayte & K4C Team

Our Mission

Our mission is get our children exposed and learning in an age appropriate way about different ways to "care" and "get involved" in a positive and meaningful way.


Non-Profit Organizations come to visit us. They present and talk about what they do and also they interact with the children making in most of the cases a "project" related to the cause that the specific non-profit represents.