(from the parents)

"Thank you for bringing such an important program to Demarest.

It is very important to teach children how to give back and the importance of community service.

Alex is learning so much and truly enjoys the program.

We can't wait for our two younger children to join. 

Thanks again for all that you have done to teach our children about paying it forward!


Lorna Infanti


"We have enjoyed learning  about different organizations each week.

It is important to expose our kids to the world of non profit at this stage.

Zach added, he likes hearing about how people help other people- it is nice."

Tina K Schweid

"Thank YOU for bringing such a wonderful program to our school!
She is thrilled to be a part of it and I am so proud that she is participating.
Thanks so much!"
Joanne Parlamis
"This is such a great program that you have started.
Thank you so much!
Both of my kids love being a part of this and had so much fun!
Thanks for a great session.
Terry McLaughlin
"I would like to thank you for the great semester.
The girls learned so much and so did we, as they would tell us all about the groups that came each Thursday! 
What a wonderful experience!
Thank you so much for putting this great group together!!
The girls fully enjoyed their time with Kids4Caring!
We look forward to the spring semester."

"Thank you so much to the Kids4Caring Team for creating such a wonderful experience for our kids! 

Kaitlyn had a fabulous time and really enjoyed learning all about the different philanthropic organizations in our area.

It was great that she not only had an opportunity to hear from people working in the field but she also had a chance to participate first-hand in projects/activities where she could give back to her community.

Thank you again and we look forward to next year!"

Jennifer Choi


"Thank you so much for another amazing session.

Every Thursday Jackson comes home with a new found appreciation for life and the luxuries he is afforded daily whether it is health, good fortune or a strong family background.

It is nice to see him walk a little taller all in thanks to your hard work.

You are teaching our children the about the most important intangibles in life and for that we are very very Thankful! 

Sincerely, "

Nicole and Joshua Dickstein. 


It's great that our kids get exposed to the many different charity activites and philanthropy"

Sharon Riss


"Kids4Caring is a unique kids program that highlights helping others and improving the world starting now.

My daughter greets each meeting eager to be the change!"



"Thank you so much for giving Joseph the opportunity to be part of a great program. He has taken home a great deal of what he has learned.

Both Joseph and I appreciate the Kids4Caring staff for volunteering your time.

Thanks again."


"Thanks to you for amazing work teaching our kids to be socially conscious!!!!"
Lisa Jesner


"Thank you so much for arranging this program.

She had a great time this session!!

She looks forward to the next session!"

"Thank you for running such a great program!!"
"Thanks for the great work you are all doing with the kids. She is having a great time and learning so much."

"I really appreciate all Kids4caring staff for the organization and volunteering to offer such a wonderful program at LLE.

She is learning a lot and looks forward to join the group every Thursday.

I cannot believe it is almost the end of the fall semester. Again thank you for all your support!"

"Thank you so much for the great fall session!

She had great time.

Already looking forward to next year :)"

"Thanks again for all that you have done to teach our children about paying it forward!"

(from the non-profits)

"Thank you so much for reaching out to us and giving Habitat for Humanity of Bergen County the opportunity to speak with the kids. I am still in awe of these remarkable young children. Even that evening, I couldn’t stop talking about the immense empathy, intelligence, and conscientiousness that they all exhibited from watching the videos.
It truly made me day.
It gives me hope to see such exemplary activism and compassion come from such young children. They are a testament to the fact that you are never too small to make a difference, and even the smallest act of kindness can change someone’s life.
 I must say that I attend several advocacy events and school fairs on behalf of Habitat Bergen, and never have I met a group of young students that were so empathetic and left such a strong impact on me. They were so engaged and interested, and they truly wanted to do something to help when they saw the YouTube video of how other kids around the world live.
I am glad that this program exists, as it is never too early to teach others how to pay it forward and give back. It is always an important life lesson to keep perspective about the blessings we have in our lives, and it is even more important to harness that gratitude into ways to give back to those that are less fortunate.
As a sidenote, please thank all of the children and their parents not only for being so great, but also for helping us collect 19 items for Planet Green! We are so ecstatic about it. Even some of the high schools didn’t collect that much in one day for us!
Thank you for inviting us into this program.
We hope to work with you again next schoolyear!


Angela King
Director of Volunteers
Habitat for Humanity
"I found it very fulfilling to educate kids about the Fresh Air Fund organization, and how kids from other type of backgrounds and neighborhoods can benefit from having an experience in a town like Demarest.
They seemed genuinely interested and a bit fascinated by the idea of hosting a child in their home for a week, and their questions and comments demonstrated that the Fund's mission really resonated with them.
The Kids4Caring Club provides a wonderful platform to educate kids and allow them to gain insight, empathy and the desire to help others."
These are Charlie's comments:
"The kids asked a lot of questions and that was a good thing as they were very curious.
I feel like we did make a good imprint on the kids and that is was an overall good experience and a great opportunity to talk about the Fresh Air Fund."
Leslie Abisror

Bergen County Chairperson 





" Please send my love to the kids.
I am happy that we let them work at their own pace since they had started the Wellness Joke Book art project.
I did not need to impose a ComedyCures school program on them since they were not getting course credit or graded. We just let it unfold. I am glad that it was organic and not formal. They got a bit less therapeutic information/education and role playing this way but that's okay  because they will remember the overall experience and they had fun.
Thanks for all you do,
Hugs and laughter to all,"





Saranne Rothberg
CEO ComedyCures Foundation


"I want to thank you and the members of the faculty so very much for inviting me to your Kids4Caring program yesterday.
I truly appreciate your contribution of time and enthusiasm for my program.  
It was both an honor and a pleasure to spend the afternoon with those who share the same sense of compassion and understand the impact and importance of helping children. 
What you and your committee does really matters and will make a huge difference.
Cancer might take away some of their physical abilities, but it cannot touch their hearts and it cannot touch their souls.  
On behalf of almost 200 campers and 90 volunteers, I sincerely thank you and all the children for the beautiful cards and their kindness.

I would love for you (and any members of the faculty) to stop by camp in August to join in on some fun!

Lisa Robins
Director Camp Dream Street
Roger Woodhour & Shadow
The Seeing Eye
On April 2nd Shadow and I had the opportunity and privilege to speak to many of the members of the Kids4Caring Club and once again the response from the students was outstanding!
I had met with this group a year prior with a guide dog in training named Wexler. I could not have asked for a more attentive and interested group on both occasions. 
Many times when doing presentations about The Seeing Eye the focus of the students is strictly directed to the dog. Who can resist petting a puppy! However, it is always gratifying to 
meet with a group that has a true interest in learning more about an organization such as The Seeing Eye.
Great questions this past year and a true commitment to doing whatever the
students can to benefit the organizations that they have contact with throughout the year.
The Seeing Eye thanks you for making their guide dog school a part of your program.
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and are anxious to return yet again to spread the word of The Seeing Eye to those involved in the Kids4Caring Club at Luther Lee Emerson Elementary School. 
P.S. Shadow will be leaving me at the end of July to pursue his training to become a working Seeing Eye guide dog. 




"What a great group you have! 
Thank you for reaching out to me 
 I had a lovely visit."
Melanie Hazim
American Red Cross-North Jersey Region
"Congratulations to you and your team!
You are creating what we at kula like to call a "tapestry of consciousness"
Amazing work!"
Penni Feiner

Executive Director

Kula for Karma






Loretta Turner
Kula for Karma - Program Director



"Thank you for having us! It was truly so special and heartwarming to work with those beautiful and spirited young souls!!!
With palms pressed together,"


"Thanks again for inviting Smile Train to participate in Kids4Caring!
It was a pleasure to visit such an engaged group of students.
Looking forward to next year!


Adina Wexelberg-Clouser
Senior Manager, Community Relations


I wanted to share a photo that I took during a visit to the home of a Smile Train patient in Indonesia last month.  This family lives in a small village outside Ubud which is about an hour outside of Bali. Both Satya (the younger boy) and his older brother Harry were born with cleft and received surgery at a nearby Smile Train partner hospital.
They loved the cards that the students made! We distributed the rest to patients at the hospital.
Thanks again for the support!
Best, Adina
"Thanks for the opportunity to present and for all the beautiful cards the children made.
The cards were a huge hit!"
Katie Scully
The Junior League of Bergen County


"Thanks for all your wonderful support for the ConKerr children and families. 
Keep smiling :*)
Be a  SMILE Maker .. smiles change EVERYTHING!"



Jeanne Sillup
Business Operations
Absolutely wonderful.
Thank you for the opportunity to talk about local hunger with your fabulous kids!  
It was a joy to see how interested and concerned they were about the issue.  
Congratulations on this wonderful program that will have a longterm, positive effect on our community.  
You are providing the perfect opportunity to live the quote from Mahatma Gandhi:
" Be the change you want to see in the world! "
Jennifer A. Johnson
Director of Communications
Center for Food Action


It was a pleasure meeting you and the other teachers and especially the
children today. 


Thank you so much for the opportunity to tell the children
a little bit about ArtWorks.

I was so impressed with the program.  I think it is a wonderful and special
gift you are giving to the children and to our society.  You are really
exposing the kids to all the good there is to be done in the world to help

Thank you for helping to open their minds to think about the world in a
caring and thoughtful way.  

Warm regards,


Fran R. Heyman
Program Director
ArtWorks, The Naomi Cohain Foundation
96 Engle Street, Suite 120
Englewood, NJ 07631